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Energy Healing

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Energy healing and Imara Reiki Programme

Become an energy healer and Imara Reiki Master


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Become-  A Certified Energy Healer & Imara Reiki Master with

Elie Brayshaw B.A




The concept of healing, as distinguished from a cure, delves into a broader perspective that goes beyond addressing symptoms. Healing, in this context, revolves around restoring balance within the body, allowing the innate capabilities of the human system to take charge.

This philosophy aligns with a unique approach known as energy work, which intertwines spiritual and holistic principles.

In the realm of energy work, the emphasis is not solely on treating the symptoms of an ailment but on nurturing a comprehensive well-being that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

This holistic approach recognizes the interconnectedness of these aspects and aims to harmonize them to promote a state of equilibrium.

Energy Healing

The synergy between energy healing

and Imara Reiki could be considered one of

the most potent combinations ever crafted.

Imara Reiki

Imara Reiki, with its translation as 'More,' presents an intriguing evolution within the realm of Reiki energy healing.


Its distinction as a mode vibrating at a higher energy level than the Reiki traditions more routinly used, adds a layer of depth to the practice for those who have already attained the status of Reiki Master in the Traditional Usui Reiki system.

The transition from Traditional Usui Reiki to Imara Reiki Master signifies not just a progression in knowledge but a shift towards working with energies of a heightened frequency.


The categorization of Imara as a level 5, following the traditional Usui levels, underlines the recognition of its unique and advanced nature.

This progression suggests that practitioners reaching this level have not only mastered the foundational aspects of Reiki but are now delving into a more refined and potent form of energy healing.

It's essential to acknowledge the subjective nature of experiences in energy work. Each individual's journey with Imara Reiki may differ, with practitioners reporting diverse and unique encounters with this elevated vibrational modality. The variability in experiences underscores the personal and intuitive aspects of energy healing, suggesting that Imara Reiki has the potential to resonate differently with each practitioner.

The widespread acknowledgment of Imara Reiki as a significantly higher vibration than other healing modalities speaks to its potential for profound impact.












The testimonials describing its vibrational intensity hint at the possibility of enhanced healing effects and a deeper connection to the energetic realms.

As practitioners explore and integrate Imara Reiki into their healing practices, the emphasis on the uniqueness of individual experiences fosters an open-minded and adaptive approach to this advanced form of energy healing.


It invites practitioners to tap into their intuition, align with the heightened frequencies, and explore the 'More' that Imara Reiki promises in their personal and professional healing journeys.


Spiritual Healing 

& Energy Balancing

The distinction drawn between this system of healing and faith healing or religious methods is a crucial clarification, emphasizing that the approach is rooted in energy work rather than spiritual beliefs. By focusing on the individual's energetic field, chakras, and the universal life force that surrounds us, the goal is not to invoke divine intervention but to restore balance on multiple levels of being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The holistic nature of this healing system, with principles akin to chi qong, underscores its comprehensive approach. The emphasis on becoming whole again rather than seeking a cure implies a transformative journey toward balance and wellness.


The process involves detecting and releasing blockages within the energetic system, paving the way for the infusion of universal life force or Chi. This infusion aims to replenish the energy void, enhancing personal power, and fostering equilibrium.

By highlighting the non-intrusive and holistic aspects, the system positions itself as a method to increase personal energy, power, and balance. The acknowledgment that the human body possesses its own remarkable ability to take over once balance is restored reinforces the idea that the healing process is an innate and self-sustaining aspect of our being.

The call to action, inviting both therapists and students to explore the art of energy balancing, suggests inclusivity. Whether one is already a practitioner or a novice eager to delve into the world of energy work, the program offers an opportunity to understand and apply these principles. The provided link serves as a gateway for those interested in further details, encouraging a diverse audience to embark on a journey toward mastering the art of restoring balance and promoting holistic well-being.


Areas included on the course:

Connection with energy/spirit, detecting and clearing blockages, building the energetic system and restoring balance holistically. 


None. Only an interest in healing the self and others energetically. 


Energy Healing course 

The course designed for practicing healers and individuals seeking to delve into holistic and energetic healing methods serves as a gateway to understanding and implementing these principles. Participants can anticipate gaining insights into various techniques that harness the body's energy, fostering an environment conducive to self-healing.

By exploring the realms of spirituality and holistic healing, the course equips learners with a diverse toolkit to enhance their healing practices. Whether one is an experienced healer or a newcomer intrigued by the potentials of energetic healing, the curriculum promises a transformative journey towards comprehending and applying these principles in a practical, hands-on manner.

Ultimately, the course not only provides knowledge but also empowers individuals to tap into the intrinsic healing capacities of the human body. It is an invitation to embark on a holistic exploration, fostering an understanding that healing is not just a process; it's a journey towards restoring balance and unleashing the body's own healing potential. 

In essence, the program goes beyond the traditional approach of healing as an individual pursuit. Instead, it envisions a community where healers are distributed widely, creating a web of interconnected support. This not only addresses individual health but also promotes a communal sense of resilience and shared responsibility for well-being.

By striving to have a healer in every community, the program aligns itself with the idea that fostering health and balance is not only a personal journey but a collective endeavour. This holistic approach has the potential to create a positive and sustainable impact, contributing to the overall well-being and resilience of communities at large.

The program's founder Elie Brayshaw Combines Master Chunyi Lin  mission is to cultivate a healer in every family. Not only a powerful and transformative vision that extends beyond individual well-being, but one I have adopted. 

By focusing on teaching participants how to maintain their own energy systems and promote balance within themselves and those around them, the program becomes a catalyst for positive change on both personal and community levels.

Maintaining one's energy system is a crucial aspect of well-being, and the program's emphasis on self-care reflects an understanding that a healthy, balanced individual is better equipped to contribute positively to their community.


By imparting the knowledge and skills needed for self-maintenance, the program empowers individuals to navigate the challenges of daily life with resilience and vitality.


Furthermore, the emphasis on extending this knowledge to others in the community highlights a commitment to creating a network of healers.

This network has the potential to foster a collective sense of well-being and support, creating a ripple effect of positive energy within the community.

As individuals learn to maintain their own balance, they also become agents of healing for those around them, contributing to a more harmonious and supportive social environment.

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Embark on a Personalized Healing Journey with Our Tailored Program healing and transformation. I present to you a unique program designed not as a mere course but as a tailored journey, curated to meet you exactly where you are in your pursuit of well-being.

Whether you're a newcomer with no prior healing background or a seasoned level 2 Reiki practitioner, this program is crafted with your individual needs in mind.

Our approach is rooted in safety and correctness, ensuring that your journey is both enriching and beneficial for yourself and others.

For those starting fresh, rest assured that this program welcomes you with open arms, providing a foundation for your exploration of healing principles.

On the other hand, if you find yourself at the level 2 Reiki practitioner stage, we offer the opportunity to seamlessly integrate energy work and propel you toward becoming an Imara Reiki Master.

Your starting point is the catalyst for your healing voyage, and I am here to guide you every step of the way. The beauty lies in the flexibility of this program; it adapts to your unique requirements, creating a trajectory that aligns with your aspirations.

Let's collaborate on a program that is exclusively yours. Together, we'll explore the potential synergies of energy work and Imara Reiki, shaping a powerful practitioner within you – should that be your chosen path.


Unlock the Extraordinary:

Elevate Your Healing Journey with the Power Duo of Energy Healing and Imara Reiki!

Ready to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary? Whether you're a seasoned healer or a passionate learner, this is your invitation to join the ranks of those who seek 'More.' as we unveil a ground-breaking fusion of energy healing and the potent vibrational force of Imara Reiki.


Picture a synergy where the ancient wisdom of energy work meets the 'More' of Imara – creating a force unparalleled in its healing potential.

🌟 Unleash the Power: Harness the ancient principles of energy healing, working with the body's energetic field, chakras, and the life force that surrounds us.

Experience a holistic approach that transcends the physical, touching the realms of emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

🚀 Imara Reiki's 'More': Elevate your practice with Imara, vibrating on a higher energy level than ever before. As a Reiki Master, take the leap to level 5 and witness a profound shift in the healing landscape.

This is not just healing; it's a journey into an expansive and transformative realm.

🌈 The Perfect Harmony: Imagine the synergy when these two forces come together – a harmonious blend where energy healing principles align with the heightened vibrations of Imara Reiki. This combination has the potential to redefine what's possible in the realm of holistic well-being.

⚡ Unprecedented Healing Potential: The marriage of energy healing and Imara Reiki could very well be one of the most powerful combinations ever created. Unlock unparalleled healing potential, tap into new dimensions of personal energy, and witness the magic of restored balance on all levels of your being.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your practice and transform lives.

Click the link below to delve into the realm of this ground-breaking combination – where energy healing meets Imara Reiki, and the possibilities are limitless.

Your journey to extraordinary healing could begin here!

The fusion of these modalities is not just about knowledge; it's about crafting a healing synergy that resonates with your journey.

Curious to learn more about this transformative synergy? Reach out, and let's start a conversation. Contact me, and together, we can envision a personalized program that reflects your goals and aspirations. Your healing journey is uniquely yours, and I am here to help you navigate it with expertise, professionalism, and a gentle touch."

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Are you ready to be an
Energy Healer and Imara Reiki Master 

Empower Your True Essence: Unleashing the Synergy of


Energy Healing and Imara Reiki


Your Unique Healing Session

Embarking on a holistic healing journey has been a profoundly enriching experience for me, blending the ancient wisdom of Qigong, the transformative power of shamanic journeys, the insightful guidance of Tarot, and the gentle yet potent energy of Imara Reiki.

In each session, I guide myself through deep meditation and or shamanic journeys, aiming to transcend conventional limitations of time and space. This not only offers meaningful answers for my clients immediate concerns but also serves as a transformative tool for for profound self-discovery and healing.

In addition to these practices, I seamlessly incorporate the wisdom of Tarot into my consultations if deemed appropriate with the request of the client.  This unique blend not only offers insights into life's intricate decisions and empowering individuals to navigate their paths with clarity. but also provides a deeper understanding of life's intricate decisions, offering a holistic perspective that empowers individuals on their personal journeys.

Through the practice of Integrating the gentle and powerful energy of Imara Reiki I've discovered a profound ability to channel healing energy, providing the essential Qi required for personal well-being and the pursuit of a vibrant, enduring life. further more enhances the holistic approach.


Imara Reiki's healing energy serves to balance the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of an individual, contributing to a harmonious and holistic well-being

As I continue to explore and refine these practices, my commitment extends beyond providing healing sessions. I am passionate about teaching and empowering individuals to integrate these transformative practices into their daily lives.

Through the teachings of Qigong, meditation, shamanic journeys, Tarot, and Imara Reiki, my goal is to inspire others on their journey to well-being, self-discovery, and a lifetime of empowered living.


I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the holistic healing of those seeking both guidance and the knowledge to carry these practices forward independently.

Learn the Art of Energy Healing

6 Week Healing course 

In Person

Cost £165

Imara Reiki Attunement 

Need to have Reiki Level 1 & 2

On line

Cost £90

Learn Tarot Reading

4 Week Tarot Course

In person Cost £120

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