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By Elie Brayshaw

Symbols for subconscious communication

The exercise involving the use of symbols for subconscious communication is a powerful tool in the realm of self-hypnosis. This technique taps into the symbolic language of the subconscious mind, allowing individuals to convey positive suggestions and reinforce their goals in a condensed and meaningful form. Here's a deeper exploration of this exercise:

Description: Participants engaging in this exercise create or select a personal symbol that resonates deeply with them. This symbol serves as a condensed representation of a positive suggestion or goal they aim to achieve through self-hypnosis.

Implementation Steps:

  1. Symbol Selection:

    • Participants choose a symbol that holds personal significance and is easily recognizable to them.

    • The symbol could be an image, a geometric shape, or even a specific word written in a stylized manner.

  2. Association with Positive Suggestion:

    • The chosen symbol is associated with a specific positive suggestion or goal the individual wants to reinforce during self-hypnosis.

    • This suggestion should be clear, concise, and framed in a positive, affirming manner.

  3. Integration in Self-Hypnosis Session:

    • During self-hypnosis sessions, participants visualize or focus on the chosen symbol.

    • As they concentrate on the symbol, it becomes a direct pathway to the embedded positive suggestion in their subconscious.

Example: Associating a Personal Symbol with a Specific Positive Suggestion for Deeper Self-Hypnosis

Imagine an individual who seeks to enhance their self-confidence. They choose the image of a rising sun as their personal symbol. The rising sun symbolizes growth, strength, and the beginning of a new day.

During self-hypnosis, as they visualize the rising sun, they simultaneously reinforce the positive suggestion: "I am confident, resilient, and embrace each day with a positive mindset." The symbol becomes a potent trigger for accessing a deeper state of self-hypnosis, where the subconscious mind is receptive to positive affirmations.


  • Efficiency: Symbols convey complex ideas in a succinct form, making the communication with the subconscious more efficient.

  • Visual Anchoring: The visual nature of symbols creates a powerful anchor, strengthening the connection between the symbol and the associated positive suggestion.

  • Personalization: Each individual can choose a symbol that holds personal significance, making the process deeply personalized and meaningful.

By incorporating symbols into self-hypnosis practices, participants can enhance the depth of their hypnotic experiences. This exercise not only facilitates efficient communication with the subconscious but also adds a creative and personalized dimension to the self-hypnosis journey, fostering a more profound impact on positive change and personal transformation.

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