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Holistic Wellbeing Sheffield

Would love to hear from you!


Our Address

Tranquillity Head office

Greenhill Village 

Sheffield UK S8 7SD


Telephone Uk 0114 2740234

Text message 07768 754764


To book a free initial telephone consultation with me, or to find out more.

Simply submit your details with your preferred contact details and I will text or email you to arrange a suitable appointment.

Thank you for completing this form.

Be assured that your responses will be kept confidential.

Your input will enable me to customize the services I provide to meet the needs of our community better.

Your specific responses are invaluable in tailoring programs to address your individual requirements.

If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

I am committed to providing assistance to the best of my ability.

However, please understand that I handle all inquiries personally, so I appreciate your patience while awaiting my response.

Warm regards, Elie

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Thank you for your interest

Thank you for your interest

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