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My Therapies


"Health, wel​l-being and happiness

 is when, what you think, what you say,

and what you do, are in harmony".

-Mahatma Gandhi  


"Change cannot take place overnight. 

Some of our behaviours and habits have been

with us a life time.  Personal positive change is a journey 

and needs to be gradual,  and realistic,

 for the changes to become  permanent".

-Elie Brayshaw


E.Brayshaw B.A.(Hons)

Qualified & Fully insured

Holistic health care practitioner 

T utor & Metaphysician


Crystal Healer

Counselling & NLP


Past Life Regression

Energy Balance 

Spiritual Healing

Reiki & Imara Reiki Master

Indian head Massage

Emotional Freedom Technique

Meditation for relaxation

Stress / Anxiety management coach

Personalised weight management &

Stop smoking programmes



Energy Balancing.

Spiritual Healing. 

Imara Reiki.

Indian Head Massage. 



Imara Reiki

Imara Reiki is a mode of Reiki that vibrates on a higher energy level than most common Reiki traditions. Imara translates to 'More'

As I have reached Reiki Master and already attuned to Traditional Usui Reiki I was able to move on to become attuned to  Imara Reiki Master and thus practice the full benefits of Imara Reiki. 

Many practitioners refer to Imara as a level 5, with the three levels of Usui Reiki being 1, 2, 3 and 4 being Reiki teacher level. 

But do keep in mind the experience will be different for each individual.  Some have described Imara Reiki as being much greater vibrationally than any other healing modality they have worked with.  

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage created in India thousands of years ago, has been shown to be beneficial in many ways. Improves blood circulation, lymphatic flow and aids the elimination of toxins from the body. Releasing tension in the muscles and benefiting both the mind and body.

Within my practice I have found Indian head massage combined with energy work has shown to be beneficial in many ways Please ask how it could help you at the initial consultation.​  


Spiritual Healing 

& Energy Balancing

This system of healing should not be confused with faith healing or religious methods such as Prayer and invoking Gods. This is a form of energy work: working on the individual’s energetic field, chakras and with the energy or life force which flows in and around us to restore balance, the individual can then become whole on all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

 This system of healing is not about cure it is about restoring balance. It has principles in chi qong and is holistic in nature and therefore it is about becoming whole again. This is achieved by detecting and releasing blockages and then energy (Chi) or life force from the universe is used to replace the empty void and increase personal energy, power and balance. 

Once balance is restored the human 

body has its own amazing ability  to take over and healing can begin  to take place. 

Interested in learning the art of 

energy balancing.

Ideal for both therapist and student alike.

imply click on link below to find out more. 


Holistic weight management 

tailored to your specific 

needs and requirements

Contact me or simply click on link below to find out more.


Counselling, NLP, Hypnotherapy  & Meditation

Counselling, NLP Hypnosis and Meditation combined or individually has been shown to be valuable tools in supporting individuals through personal change.


About Counselling

The emphasis on my counselling service is on providing a confidential, safe and non judgmental environment where you can explore your thoughts and feelings. Even those feelings you don’t understand.

Counselling helps us to understand ourselves and why we feel or behave in certain ways, in order to help us to create the personal changes we seek to achieve.


Who can benefit from counselling ?

The answer is everyone, regardless of religion, race, age or sex. No matter who we are there may be times when we just need to talk and be listened to. At these times a therapist is useful as family and friend may be to close. Counselling can provide a safe place to explore these issues and feelings before problems become too difficult to cope with. When issues become overwhelming they may lead to stress, anxiety even depression.

How can Counselling help me ?

Many of our behaviours, thoughts, values and beliefs are deep rooted and can become habitual behaviours even though we know they are out dated or a part of ourselves we no longer wish to own. Releasing or changing a part of our behaviour is not always easy to achieve as many have been with us a life time. 

A Holistic approach to Counselling can help us to see the bigger picture and how everything is connected. Therefore, empowering the individual to release those outdated barriers and create the changes they seek. Enabling them to discover their own unique potential and to achieve their goals. Leading to a happier state of mind.

Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP combined with counselling is a way of changing thought patterns  and unwanted behaviours in order to  help achieve  healthy and positive desired outcomes. 

About Hypnotherapy with Elie

The mind consists of two parts. The conscious mind, which helps with processing ideas and is all about logic, analysing and decision making. While the subconscious stores our memories and emotions, 

and works on auto-pilot. Within hypnosis the therapist would provoke the conscious mind to relax, 

in order for the subconscious to take on new positive healthy beliefs, resulting in the new behavioural patterns which we seek to achieve.


Can someone be made to do something against their will?

Many of the misunderstandings surrounding hypnosis arise from ‘stage’ hypnosis which is not always ethical and should not be confused with professional therapeutic hypnotherapy. 

There is no relinquishing of your free will,

and it has been shown that individuals

only follow the instructions they are at ease with.


Can everyone be hypnotized?

Another good question asked. 

Although it appears that there is only a small proportion of the population that cannot be hypnotized, generally speaking individuals

who wish to be hypnotized, can be.


What can hypnosis do for me?

Hypnosis has been shown to be

successful in many ways. 

Stopping smoking, weight management,

managing stress and anxiety, pain control, phobias, personal achievements and confidence building,

just to name a few. 

A free initial consultation is always advisable to discuss your specific needs,

and establish if hypnosis is the treatment for you.


Also available: Past life regression 

Who were you in a past life?

Is it having an effect on your life today? 

Past life regression is just  one way of discovering our souls journey, 

who we really are and what we came here to do.

Meditation Practice


 Meditation is a way of 

quieting the mind of all its mental chatter  and finding

 that inner peace enabling us 

to  meet our demands 

in a more manageable way 

Learning the Art of Meditation 

 can become a valuable tool to 

help us maintain our general  health and well being

Benefits to name a few include-: Managing stress, Sleep better, Relieve Pain, Beat addictions, Boost endorphins, Aid Healing, Lower blood pressure. 

Cure headaches, better breathing. Improves concentration & focus.

Slows aging and improves

the immune system


Group & Private 

appointments available

Holistic Health & Wellbeing


Aromatherapy & Crystal Healing


Aromatherapy and crystal healing can be used individually or combined and along side other treatments if deemed appropriate and with the consent of the client

Aromatherapy and or Crystal healing works well along side hypnotherapy, meditation, energy work/reiki E.F.T. and Indian head massage and can accelerate the healing process of the individual treatments or  modalities


I can help with . . .

Supporting and coaching you through personal change . . .

Addictions, stopping smoking, weight management, 

releasing of old habits and behaviours that can hold us back

and those around us. Thus, leading us to becoming the real self, our true self.


Realising all that no longer serves you . . .

Phobias, stress and anxieties that can interfere with our lives, 

such as driving test anxiety, fear of spiders, flying, just to name a few. 


Successfully supporting the individual through positive change . . .

Building confidence, better sleep, improved self esteem and self worth. 

Help with P.T.S.D


Developing a desire to succeed and embrace change 

can all be achieved, and so much more,

when addressed in a holistic way.


A free initial consultation is always recommended  

to discuss your specific needs, and discover what  would be available 

to help  and support you at the present time, in a safe and correct way.

During the 2020 pandemic, I managed to continue my practic

and work in a 100% virtual manner.  

I have found it to be, not only successful  for the clients 

continuation  of their treatment,  but also clients have reported 

preference over travelling to appointments.


As a result, my practice, and the way

I work has undergone many changes. 

I feel some of these changes have had a 

positive impact on  how I can best serve my

clients in moving forward with my services. 

As such, today in person, telephone, video  links 

and  home visits can  be made available 

as deemed appropriate .  

Please note, all home visits will incur 

a call out fee, based on mileage and travel time



However, you are both advised and invited 

to book a free initial consultation .


In the meantime.

Do Not Hesitate To Make Contact. 

This page can only be a brief introduction to the therapies I offer and practice.

For this reason, I always offer a free initial consultation, which is an ideal opportunity to discus the therapies available and how they could best help you. 

Simply click on link below to message me today.

I will always do my best to help.

Best regards to you Elie

The Fees

As a Holistic practitioner I charge for my time rather than specific treatments 

First hour £60  

1hr & 1/2  £70  

2 Hrs      £80  

A 2 hr session is required when considering hypnotherapy.



I only ask if you can give me a days notice if you wish to cancel an appointment 

A cancellation fee is only applied when cancellation is within 24hrs and your session time was kept open for you. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your interest . . .

E.Brayshaw  BA (Hons) Applied Social Studies  

Holistic Health Care Practitioner , Coach and Metaphysician.

Please remember, no one should replace orthodox care  with 

complimentary treatments before consulting their doctor first; n or alter 

or stop any prescribed medication, without their doctor’s consent.


It has been shown that complimentary therapies  that work on relaxation 

and maintaining the energy flow within the body, can  work well 

along side orthodox treatments, and may accelerate the healing process.

Further more, it is suggested that a holistic approach to health and 

well-being can compliment any existing treatment plan that may only be able to  address the symptom, in order to achieve long term results. 

Counselling, NL.P. Hypnosis, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing,

 E.F.T. practitioner, Indian Head Massage, Energy Healing & Imara Reiki Master .

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    Wellbeing                Aloe Vera & Supplements                                          Soap Flowers

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