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Holistic Healing Explained

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Welcome, my name is Elie and I am qualified  in a selection 

of therapies  that can all help to manage stress and anxiety. 

I have been working holistically  since 2005  and found that

practising my therapies individually or in some cases combined,  

can prove  more  successful  when approached in a holistic way. 

A holistic, therapeutic approach to healing recognises that  everything 

is connected, not separate random parts, but interconnected. 

If there is an imbalance in one particular area of our lives  then, 

to a lesser or greater degree, it can have an effect on another areas 

of our lives,  as all areas are connected and affected by each other. 

Therefore, a holistic approach is about viewing the individual 

as the whole and unique person they are,  by meeting their specific needs  at that given time,  rather than just a set of symptoms. 

In this way, I am better able to support  the individual  to 

make the changes  they seek  and to find that inner peace and harmony. 

Thus,  living life in a more harmonised  and manageable way.

Counselling, NLP and/or hypnotherapy together with the use 

of treatments  which induce deep relaxation, 

can support the individual to create that balance and harmony, leading to the positive changes they seek.

When the mind and body are given the opportunity to relax, 

and the emotions are settled,  we understand the body has its own amazing ability  to restore and repair itself from the negative effects of toxins and stress.  Thus , the re-balancing and healing of 

mind, body, emotions and spirit can then begin to take place.

It is important to appreciate different therapies 

will work well for individuals at different times, and what is right for one individual can never be assumed appropriate for another person. 

Treating the individual in a holistic manner will help 

to tailor the treatment plan  specifically for their unique individual needs.

This is why a free initial consultation is always recommended,

 in order to discus the different treatments available, and what would be most appropriate for the individual at that specific time.

Holistic health care is about supporting you, the individual, to find that 

balance, rather than just addressing a set of symptoms. 

When balance is restored, within the mind, body, emotions and spirit,

healing  and the personal change we seek begins to take  place.

Click on link below to learn more about

 the therapies available and how they could help you.


I can help with . . .

Supporting and coaching you through personal change.......

Addictions, stopping smoking, weight management, 

releasing of habits and behaviours that can hold us back,

and those around us, leading us to becoming the real self, our true self.

Realising all that no longer serves you.....

Phobias, stress and anxieties that can interfere with our lives, 

such as driving test anxiety, fear of spiders, flying, just to name a few. 

Successfully supporting the individual through positive change.....

Building confidence, better sleep, positive self esteem and self worth, including P.T.S.D therapy.

Developing a desire to succeed, and embracing change 

can all be achieved, and so much more, when addressed in a holistic way.

Thank you so much for your visit today.  I do hope you will find the rest of this site of interest.

I would love you to make contact if you have any questions, or if you wish  to schedule a free initial consultation with me. 

I will always do my best to help

             My sincere best wishes...               

  Elie x

Please remember, no one should replace orthodox care  with complimentary treatments before consulting their doctor first; n or alter or stop any prescribed medication without their doctor’s consent.


It has been shown that complimentary therapies  that work on relaxation and maintaining the energy flow within the body, can  work well along side orthodox treatments, and may accelerate the healing process.

Further more, it is suggested that a holistic approach to health and 

well-being can compliment any existing treatment plan  in order to achieve long term results. 

Thank you for your interest . . .


E. Brayshaw BA (Hons) Applied Social Studies  

Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Tutor and Metaphysician.

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