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Welcome to the products


These products are sold on the basis of promoting 


The use of these products should


for medical advice. 

We aim to deliver a one stop 

shopping experience for all our customers interested in  health and wellbeing, 

for them selves and others too.


Himalayan salts, essential oils, herbs and crystals have all been used by many cultures around the world for the therapeutic properties, in healing, ritual and for protection.

While many cultures relied on these therapies and practices as the main form of healing. Today we can see a revival in interest in these amazing healing abilities, but most of all in the formation of maintaining our general health & wellbeing.

Today many of these therapies have been successfully used in managing stress, and it is widely understood that if untreated, stress all too quickly can lead to ill health.

Mission Statement

To bring you great quality, ethical products 

that can create  balance,  harmony, abundance and joy. 

Not just within your own spirit, but others too, 

and also into your home, workplace and life.  

Great gift ideas for everyone who deserves self care 

or is interested in the spiritual or mystical side of life.

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Ethos of the products I adhere to...

All products have been carefully chosen for there quality and value. 

For natural high quality ingredients and ethical production and manufacturing. 

All products are continually researched to ensure that they maintain these high standards, 

and to further discover new products, which are being created all of the time.

  I personally endeavour to improve these standards in all areas of the

products and  manufacturing especially where packaging can be reduced,

and more plant friendly packaging introduced.


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Thank yo​u for being here, on this page.

Even though I have been a  holistic health care practitioner since 2005, 

t his shop was only launched in March 2020,  and what a journey it has been. 

I'm so very happy to have accomplished my mission. 

That is t o promote products, that in some way  can bring 

balance i nto our lives,  and in a positive  and loving way, enhance our general wellbeing.

Hope you enjoy your visit to this website. 

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to learn more


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Enjoy viewing the different departments. 

Come back often, as I upload new treasures all the time. Any questions, or if you can't find what you are looking for, then please ask, as I will always do my best to help and advise.

Love to all, Elie x

Did you know?.....

Each month we have a service, treatment or product on offer.

This could be as much as half price or more discounted, and when it says half price, be assured there are no gimmicks, but a genuine half price offer. Click HERE to learn more...

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