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Offer of the Month

May 2024

Energy Clearing

Offer ends 31st May 2024

Pink Blossom

Hello Spring

 We all love offers and at the House of Tranquillity, 

we are no exception, we love them too.

Every month we will have a 

service, treatment or product on offer.


This could be as much as half price or more, 

and when it says half price,  be assured; 

there are no gimmicks but a genuine half price offer.


We also guarantee you will still receive 

a treatment, service or product with no corners cut.

You can be confident in receiving the high standard service Tranquillity

is renowned for, regardless of what you pay and that’s a promise.


So just return back often to be an early bird 

and catch the  ‘Offer of the month’   

Spring Brings... New Beginnings

Spring presents an ideal opportunity not only for tidying up but also for decluttering our lives.
It's a time when we can truly feel rejuvenated by releasing the old and outdated belongings that no longer serve us.
By letting go of these items, we create space for new energies and experiences to enter our lives. This is the message Spring brings us.

I would like to offer you a helping hand to enhancing your spring clean.

On this page, you'll discover a variety of offers designed to enhance your well-being and the energies of your self, home, and surroundings.

Please reach out if I can help in any way.

Warm Regards Elie x

3 Amazing offers to
enhance your spring clean.

I've eliminated the hassle of sourcing individual items by consolidating

them into a convenient package that you can revisit whenever needed.

Additionally, I've made it budget-friendly

by offering it at half price for this month only.

My initial offer introduces a thoughtfully assembled box
containing everything necessary for your inaugural energy cleanse.


50% Off

Cleansing Starter Kit
R.R.P £36


Each kit individually prepared to order, with love and always in a sacred manner.  


This can be done in a sacred manner using this kit and with pure intentions.

Kit contains:

Brass Incense Burner (includes sand to support the charcoal disk in the brass burner)

Roll Charcoal Disks

10g Tin Resin - Frankincense and 10g Tin resin

3 Kings Blend (Brings abundance).

(Both sample size for you to try)

House clearing blend. Full product size

Palo Santo Chips. Full product size.

(Please note You will receive one Full bag size of cleansing loose herbs in your kit)

This could be Eucalyptus or Desert Sage


Plus User Guide


Please make contact if you have any queries about this product.


This comprehensive starter kit comprises all the essentials required for cleansing your home, office, or any space. Whether you're completing your spring cleaning, preparing for meditation or ceremony, or simply sensing the need to purify and refresh the energies, this kit has you covered.

Offer Ends 31st May 2024

After you have cleansed your space I recommend in order to keep the energies aligned with your intention is to have a vision box, also known as a manifestation or intention box, is a powerful tool used to visualize and manifest your goals, dreams, and desires.

It typically consists of a box or container where you can place physical representations or symbols of your aspirations. These representations can include images, affirmations, quotes, trinkets, or any item that holds significance to your goals.

25% Off

Hand Made Mango Wooden Box

I have 3 wonderful spiritual designed boxes for you to choose from.

When you place your order exclusively from this page, you will receive 25% OFF your box.

I will also include two tumbled stones for you to put inside your box infuse your freshly cleansed space with positive vibrations.

Free P&P on all boxes purcased from this offer page 
Hand Made
Mango wooden box.
Tree of life Design
Includes two
tumbled stones
Regular Price£18.00
Sale Price£13.50
Hand Made Mango wooden box
Pentagram design
Includes two
tumbled stones
Regular Price£18.00
Sale Price£13.50
Hand Made
Mango wooden box.
Triple moon design
Includes two
tumbled stones
Regular Price£18.00
Sale Price£13.50

Vision Box

The act of creating a vision box involves focusing your thoughts and intentions on what you want to attract into your life.

By regularly engaging with your vision box, whether through visualization, meditation, or simply reviewing its contents, you reinforce your intentions and align yourself with the energy of your desires.

Over time, the practice of using a vision box can help clarify your goals, boost motivation, and accelerate the manifestation process.

Offer Ends 31st May 2024

My final offer will complete your energy clearing experience 


When you purchase the space cleansing kit and any wooden box as a single purchase from this page.

I will make you a complementary Smudge feather FREE of Charge.


The smudge feather is used to fan the smoke, directing it towards specific areas or objects that need cleansing.

How To Order - Simply order your Energy cleansing kit and your chosen wooden box in the same checkout 
I will create in a sacred manner your complimentary smudge feather and enclose it with your order.

Offer Ends 31st May 2024

Any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to make contact.


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