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to the House of Tranquillity

Founder Elie Brayshaw B.A.(Hons)


When things fall apart  they 

are actually falling into place.

"When you come out of  the storm, 

you won't be the same person 

that walked in.

That's what the storm  is all about".

Haruki Murakam


Holistic Health

  & Wellbeing 





Therapies Available 

with Elie (Holistic therapist)


Crystal healing

Hypnosis &  Meditation

Past life regression

  Counselling & NLP

Energy Work & E.F.T

Reiki & Imara Reiki Master

Spiritual Counselling 

& Energy healing

Indian Head Massage

Smoking  Cessation 

Weight  Management  

All therapies are practiced 

holistically to en sure the 

long term results you seek.

Polish_20240403_085205988 (1).jpg
Tranquillity Academy
Holistic Studies

 Courses & Workshops 

To enjoy & inspire

Learn to Read the Tarot

Energy/Spiritual Healing

Understanding the Chakras

Psychic Development

Dowsing with a Pendulum

Spiritual/Energy Healing

Introduction to Shamanism

Imara Reiki

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Did you know................?

Each month we have a service, treatment or product on offer.

This could be as much as half price or more, and when it says half price, be assured there are no gimmicks but a genuine half price offer. Click HERE to learn more.


Find me on YouTube

You will find a mish-mash of my interests within videos on YouTube, from new products being launched, guided meditations, hypnosis, to my interest in metaphysics and the spiritual side of life, such as moonology. 


Morning Affirmation 

for a Positive New Day

One of my popular videos; it combines gratitude with affirmations. Two powerful mediums in creating a positive attitude, which is great for building our sense of well being.

Why not subscribe to my channel? It's completely free, and you will be kept in the loop and not miss a post. Elie x

What People Have Said...

" I can definitely recommend this programme for the enquiring mind, and for individuals interested in

all kinds of healing "

Margaret B - Sheffield

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      Natural Beauty            Home & Garden               Spiritually You          Cups for all occasions


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Best wishes & bright blessings to all.

Elie X

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