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Dates for your Diary

Summer Solstice Retreat

Tuesday June 21st 

Theme-: Working & building 

the energy of growth 

and abundance

(Ending with New Moon ceremony)

Spring Equinox Retreat

Sunday March 20th 2022

Spiritual experience

Celebrating the start of

the New Moon gatherings.


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Previous Event

Summer Solstice 2021

Monday 21st June 12pm till sunset.

 I invite you to join me to acknowledge the turning of the wheel from Spring in to Summer on 

Monday 21st June from 12pm.


Year long programme - Journey to the 4 Directions 


The spiritual journey is now in it's 14th year moving  through the months and seasons. 

This Spiritual Journey addresses the four elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water, and it's holistic approach is influenced by the teachings  of the Medicine Wheel. 

I acknowledge  the influence of the 

moon and it's phases and the planets through my interest and practice of Moonology, and I honour the influence of plants, herbs, crystals and so much more that nature provides us with at each month.

The journey is via video teaching and optional Skype meetings, you can join for free, (there is no charge as I am sharing not selling) but I always appreciate your support through donations  or sharing my work, which generates interest for me. When you to do this it helps me to continue doing what I love.

Thank you. 



Spring Equinox Saturday March 20th 2021

Spring equinox on M arch 20th 2021 is the UK official first day of Spring, and also traditionally marked as the start of Spring for many different cultures, as well as the start of the new year in ancient Indian and Persian calendars. 

For me, I have always felt it is a time of rebirth, especially after the retreat of winter. For this reason, as I journey the Medicine Wheel or the Wheel of Life, I do feel I have returned to a new beginning when I come to Spring again. 

I do love the celebrations we hold at the new year on the 1st January,  yet I feel a deep spiritual connection  with the first day of Spring. It feels as though, it could be the start of my new year. 

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