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Each skit includes a selenite wand and Palo Santo to clear negative energies, 200g of dried flowers to radiate the energy of specific kit, a natural abalone shell to hold sacred herbs, and a guide book on how to perform a spell or ritual. All packaged with shredded paper in a recyclable gift box.


Choose - Happiness spell kit, Stress less spell kit, Love & Self love spell kit


Happines spell kit - Enhance happiness and promote positive energy with this Happines Spell Kit.

Stress Less Spel kit - Alleviate stress and promote relaxing energy with this Stress Less Spell Kit.

Love & Self Love Spell Kit. Enhance self-love leading to attracting love and positive energy with this Self Love Spell Kit. 


Part of our self care range. Designed to put you in the correct vibrational energy frequency to attract your specific desire and reach your goals with calm and focus.

Self Care Spell Kits

£27.99 Regular Price
£25.19Sale Price
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