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Love is often focused on the outside world. 

We love our family, friends, partner, our pets, and we can also love our environment and the things we have in it.

However, it all begins with self-love. With self love, we see love and beauty all around us and others see the love in us. 


Self love is all about letting go of any judgement you may have about yourself, and understanding what has brought you to where you are today. Valuing the moment and seeing yourself as the strong person you are. 

Remind yourself what has brought you here; the trials, tribulations and 
sacrifices you have probably made in the name of love.
For this reason, you can see your self as strong, even perfect, despite any imperfections.
We all have them, its more about being happy with yourself and not 
being afraid to be your true self regardless of other people's views.
One of the necessities for self-love is — to take care of yourself
 so that you are capable of taking care of others.
Live the life you want to live, regardless to what other people think
You are amazing, you are beautiful, you are complete.
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