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This Months Offer


 We all love offers and at the House of Tranquillity, 

we are no exception we love them too.

We will each month have a service, treatment or product on offer.

This could be as much as half price or more and when it says half price, 

be assured; there are no gimmicks but a genuine half price offer.

We also guarantee you will still receive 

a treatment, service or product with no corners cut.

You can be confident in receiving the high standard service 

Tranquillity is renowned for, regardless of what you pay and that’s a promise.

So just return back often to be an early bird and catch the ‘Offer of the month’  

10% OFF s elected 


Starting November 

Simply pay your Deposit this 

month in October to reserve your place and receive 10% off your chosen workshops

Learn how to dowse with a pendulum

Tuesday 2nd November

6.30pm till 9.30pm

Cost £40 inc refreshments  

(Normally without 10% discount £45)

One day workshop.  Fun and interactive.

No experience necessary, ideal for all levels of interest.  The pendulum is just one of the many tools used to find the answers we seek

Learn the skills to successful dowsing with a pendulum, while having lots of fun in the process.

For entertainment purpose only.

Knowing The Chakras Workshop

Understanding what the chakras are and what can cause an in balance in one or more of the chakras can be the first steps to balancing them and could prove valuable in preventing an in balance

Date to be confirmed

1 full day workshop 10am till 3pm

Cost £72inc refreshments  

(Normally without 10% discount £80)

There are many ways to balance the chakras.

We will be looking at some of these ways within the workshop.

With a sound understanding of the chakras, healing can start to take place.

Excellent workshop for both therapist and student alike.


development workshop

Tuesday 9th November

6.30pm till 9.30pm

Cost £40inc refreshments  

(Normally without 10% discount £45)

One day workshop We are all intuitive it is just one of our senses that can become neglected.

Discover your psychic abilities in this fun and interactive workshop.

No experience necessary just 

an open mind and be ready to have lots 

of fun while learning.

For entertainment purpose only.


Simply click on button below to find out more about the courses and workshops

Book your space today and receive 10% off 

your chosen workshops starting November 


Is your purchase today for a gift ? Then lets make it even more special

Let us post your parcel to the recipient door

Tell us the message you would like us to write 

Each parcel lovingly wrapped with care to detail

Simply contact us with any additional requirements   and we will do our best to create

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